Seven Safety Tips when Riding your Side by Side Vehicle

Side by side vehicles are four-wheelers with car-like controls, an occupant protective structure, and a cargo bed. These vehicles have grown into popularity in the past decades. Although these off-road vehicles share some basic rules with smaller ATVs, they have unique safety demands since the niche market has become increasingly popular with vehicles from big brands. In comes of cote a cote or side by side vehicles, below are safety rules you must know:

Always Wear the Proper Safety Gear

While motorcycles and ATVs may require gear made to the government standards, recreational off-highway vehicle demands are more specific to vehicles. It is imperative to always wear over-the-ankle boots, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and goggles unless the owner’s manual specified this otherwise. In most off-road situations, helmets are vital because the challenges associated with uneven terrains will make it easy to bump your head.

Stay Away from Public Roads

Keep in mind that side by side vehicles are not made for paved roads and they have low-pressure tyres designed for off-road use. Due to the adverse effect of the pavement on handling, you must keep your vehicle off-road.

Drive Only when with a Clear Head

Alcohol or drugs can seriously impair your reaction time and judgment. Thus, you should not drive your side by side if you are under the influence of these substances.

Ensure your Extremities are Always Inside the Vehicle

You need to keep your arms and legs inside your side by side when driving it. The majority of side by side vehicles come with handholds for this purpose. If your vehicle feels like it is about to tip do not break the fall with your arm or a leg. Allow the cage to protect you.

Pick a Suitable Vehicle

While a lot of side by side vehicles come with adjustable seats, this does not necessarily mean they are for people of all ages. Make sure to consult your owner’s manual for minimum age requirements and recommendations. Use a side by side that is right for your age and size.

Ride at a Safe Speed

It’s important to keep riding areas open by sticking to the designated trail system. Also, always tread lightly and keep your speed sane.

Keep the Children Supervised

Even if the vehicle manufacturer allows the drivers under 16 years old to drive a side by side, this does not mean you can let do so without supervision. Make sure to monitor kids on the trail.

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