Buying Ute Trays in Australia

Are you looking to buy a tray for your ute or pick-truck?

Read on to learn which type of tray is perfect for your vehicle and needs.

A ute tray is a flat metal work surface that is attached to an existing chassis of a ute. The purpose of a ute tray is to provide the owner with a strong, reliable place to work and carry goods and equipment. Ute trays come in many shapes and sizes and are either manufactured for specific brans of ute or are custom built to the owner’s specifications based on their requirements.

Single or Dual Cab Ute Trays

There are a few different types of ute tray to consider when making a decision about which one to buy. Firstly, consider whether you need a single or dual cab tray.

  • Single cab – As the name suggests, these vehicles have only one cab, meaning there is usually three seats in the front of the vehicle – the driver and two passengers. These are often made from steel or aluminium, depending on the desired characteristics and budget of the owner.
  • Dual cab – Having two cabs means the vehicle can hold up to six passengers (including the driver). These also come in steel or aluminium. An aluminium dual cab trayhas some considerable advantages over steel. Due to the extra space taken up by the cab, many dual cab ute trays have less length and are shorter than single cab trays.

Buy a Ready-Made Ute Tray

Many well-known brands of ute can be fitted with pre-made ute trays. Owners of the following brands can easily find ute tray providers in Australia who can provide or design a tray for their vehicle:

  • Mercedes
  • ford
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toyota

Buy Aluminium or Steel Ute Trays Online

Being so much lighter than steel, aluminium is the most popular metal to use for ute trays. Being lighter and easier to manufacture means the price of aluminium trays is usually considerably lower than that of steel trays.

With steel, it’s the strength that draws people to it. Steel will last longer and be considerably more durable than aluminium, but is also much heavier, meaning the load-carrying capabilities of the vehicle will be reduced.

Overall, when price, strength, weight and look are considered, most people choose an aluminium ute tray for their vehicle.


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