Five Parts of a Bike you Must Check Before you Making your Final Decision

Buying a bike is a big decision to make that requires a lot of considerations and preparations. Whether you are buying a new or used bike from BMW or other brands, you must take it for a test drive to know how comfortable the ride is, how it sounds, as well as how smoothly it handles acceleration, corners, and braking.

But, before you even start the engine, there are things you can check just by taking a closer look at the motorcycle. This will help you get an insight into how well or poorly the motorcycle has been maintained by its previous owners.

Here are some parts of the bike you must check:


The frame’s condition will tell you about the bike’s overall condition. If the frame has small damage, it can mean further damage elsewhere and can pose a safety hazard. If it looks to have been repainted, ask whether the motorcycle has been in an accident.


Check the chain closely to see if there is any corrosion or rust. Then, push the motorcycle backward and forward a few inches to test the chain’s length and see how well it moves.


A used bike will have some wear on the tyres; however, the wear must be even and not more pronounced on one side. Roll the bike forward and backward to check the entire tyre.

Fluid Levels

As you look over a used bike, take a look at the oil, coolant, and brake fluid levels. Very levels indicate that the bike has been poorly maintained.


Replacing faulty lights and signals can be costly, but riding without functioning lights is highly dangerous because it decreases your visibility to other road users. If you are a new rider, consider bringing along a more experienced friend to help you determine the bike’s condition and whether it warrants the asking price. Also, view the bike during the day to more easily assess its condition.

Because a bike is a big purchase, you must always do your homework on the type of bike to look for. By having all important information beforehand, you are less likely to pay a high price for a poorly maintained motorcycle. Ultimately, you must avoid getting pressured into a sale. Always take your time to think over any offer before you accept it. This way, you can make a reasonable decision, something that you will not regret later.

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