What to Look for in an Online Transport and Shipping Company to Avoid Getting Scammed?

A motorcyclist is extremely sensitive about his sports bike. They need professionals for shipping their luxurious motorcycle from state to state for competitions or shows. There are many motorcycle transport companies available, but you need to find the right one. With a reliable motorcycle transport service provider, you rest assured that your motorcycle will be delivered in as it is condition.

Online is the best way to find an auto transport company. There is plenty of cut-throat competition, so you must do your research thoroughly before booking one. Ship a Car, Inc. is an experienced shipper that can efficiently help in safe motorcycle shipping. It has been in the transporting and shipping business for more than three decades.

On their website, you will find contact details, which you can use to call them. Ask questions and clear your doubts. It is also necessary that you read and understand their service terms and conditions.

All the shipping providers are not safe. There are several motorcycle scams you need to be familiar with.

Bait & switch pricing – Some companies offer the cheapest quotes to attract customers. After you book a shipment and your motorcycle is in transit, they call you to inform some issue. For the transport to progress there is an extra charge, which can be double or triple the quoted cost.

They subtly pressurize saying that if the charges are not paid, they will hold your motorcycle. This is not legal, but if you pursue the legal process, you will end paying a high price against legal charges and you will be without your motorcycle for some weeks.

Therefore, the majority of customers pay the exorbitant charges and the scammers carry their scam with ease. Therefore, read online reviews before you hire a cheap shipping company.

Carriers without an online presence – It is a handful of truck drivers and haulers doing mom & pop kind of transportation business. They don’t have an online presence, which is a red flag. The shippers may be reliable and honest but you cannot find out about their services, so avoid them.

How will you identify auto transport scams?

  • The pricing is too good
  • The company asks wire transfer rather than approving payment by cheque or credit card

  • Shipper asks for full payment upfront
  • The final price is nowhere near the initial quote

Benefits of hiring a motorbike transport company

  • You can request the shippers to pick your bike from a specific spot. The company will share the trucker’s detail, who handles the workloads.
  • Good transport services offer safe and secure measures like sufficient insurance coverage.
  • The staff ensures that your bike gets secured properly with straps to avoid transit damages.
  • You even get door to door services.
  • Motorbikes are transported generally in an enclosed carrier equipped with large lift gates and air-ride suspensions, which ensures safe motorbike loading and unloading.

The shipping company you choose for shipping your motorcycle has to be trustworthy to avoid the headache of getting scammed. When you look for an online transport website, check the legitimacy of the company like website quality, online presence including reviews, references, preferred payment method, contact details, and their service terms.

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